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The Tearing Apart by Luisa Elena Kolker

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The Tearing Apart

by Luisa Elena Kolker

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While in lockdown in Ibiza, Spain in the spring of 2020, Luisa finished her manuscript of poems, The Tearing Apart. These poems were written between 2014-2020. Under the imprint of Renegade Oracle Press, co-founded with Ann Filemyr and Ondé Chymes, the book was published May 20, 2020, and has won the following awards.

Winner 1st Place: 2020 Paris Book Festival Poetry Award

Runner-up: 2020 New York Book Festival Poetry Award

Honorable Mention: 2021 Readers Favorite Poetry Award

Luisa Elena Kolker
Ann Filemyr, Ondé Chymes, Luisa Elena Kolker, and Almita

The founding mothers of Renegade Oracle Press: Ann Filemyr, Ondé Chymes, Luisa Elena Kolker, and Almita

Renegade Oracle Press is a small press founded by poet/psychotherapist/shamanic teacher Luisa Elena Kolker in 2020 with the publication of her poetry book, The Tearing Apart (2020). The other founding mothers of Renegade Oracle Press are artist/songwriter/poet Ondé Chymes and author/poet/professor Ann Filemyr, Ph.D.

We are dedicated to sharing poetry, prose, music, and other creative arts that offer authentic, diverse voices. We value writers and artists who weave catalytic change into obsolete power structures, both personal and collective. We envision a post-dominator society that prospers through resilient truth-telling, empathy, accountability, compassion, depth of engagement, and the creation of new oracular processes.

In Western European history, female oracles were often exploited for their power and their vision. We are dreaming in a new oracular tradition, one that is integrated, inclusive, and relational with all beings.

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